What is your church like?

Well, first off, it isn’t our church! It is God’s church, and you are welcomed by the God who welcomes us all. We’d love to have you join us! Worship happens at 10:30am every Sunday, and Sunday school classes meet at 9:30am.

We’re an intergenerational church with a deep history and strong connection to our local community. We’ve been worshipping here since 1842! Most of our members live right in Fairdale or very near by. We have folks who have been here for over 50 years and some for just a few months. Some are experienced churchgoers and others brand new to the faith. You’ll have to come see for yourself, but fair warning: you are likely to feel at home here.

The mission of Mt. Holly is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing Christ’s love. We do this by connecting people to the love of Christ, growing in the love of Christ, and serving in the love of Christ.  You can read more about our mission and values here.

What is worship like at Mt. Holly?

Worship is at the heart of everything that happens at Mt Holly UMC. You are invited to participate in the weekly 10:30am worship service in the sanctuary.

Worship at Mt. Holly UMC follows a fairly traditional pattern with some contemporary elements. On an average Sunday, there are about 50 of us. We sing hymns from the hymnal along with praise songs via videos, we pray for our community and the world, we pass the peace of Christ, we read scripture together, and on a good day, we hear a pretty good sermon.

At Mt. Holly UMC, you’re likely to experience worship in a way that feels traditional but not, you know, dead. After all, we worship a living God!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, we never do that weird thing that some churches do where they make new people stand and introduce themselves in front of God and everybody. It’s hard enough going somewhere new without having to worry about whether you’re going to have to do something so terrifying. So know we’re just grateful you’re here.)

By the way, we generally celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. Because a big part of our theology is the idea that all people are children of God, we celebrate an open table. That means that if you are here–no matter who you are or what you have done–God loves you. You have a place at God’s table, and you are invited to receive Communion.

Is there a place for my kids?

Because we believe that children learn to worship, we encourage children to worship with their families for much of the service! Most Sundays we have a Children’s Moment. We also have nursery care for our youngest children.

Do you have Sunday School?

Yep. Christian education is important to all we do. Sunday school for all ages meets at 9:30am in our education building. We also frequently have Wednesday night Bible studies.

When should I arrive?

Our services start at 10:30am with Sunday School at 9:30am. We encourage folks to come early, get some coffee, and meet some folks.

What should I wear to worship?

Wear what you feel comfortable in! The dress at Mt. Holly ranges from suit and tie all the way to jeans and a t-shirt. Come in your Sunday best or whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Do I have to be a Christian to come to church at Mt. Holly UMC?

No. Several among us are exploring faith for the first time, and we don’t check your credentials at the door! We hope Mt Holly is a safe place for you to explore matters of faith and life. Of course, you might experience such authentic love here that you start believing in Jesus, so, you know, fair warning.

What does it mean to be United Methodist?

We have the best potlucks and, we think, pretty great theology. We talk a lot about grace around here, and we think that serving others is vitally important to our faith. You can learn more about what we believe by clicking here.

Have further questions? The pastor would love to talk to you more about Mt. Holly. You can email him at chaysmithson@gmail.com, call the church office at (502) 366-5781, or use the contact form below! You can also connect with us on Facebook!

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